Coffee course

In addition to our SCA Roasting Courses, we teach coffee classes and workshops to provide a well-rounded education. To learn more about our classes, click any of the links below. To schedule a class, please send us a message.

This course is best for beginners and hobby-roasters. Rather than slideshows and lectures, our coffee courses are taught using an immersive approach.

7 Best Online Barista Courses (Barista Training)

Over three days, we will examine coffee roasting from both a scientific and artistic point-of-view. This course is for students who have experience in roasting or who have taken our SCA Coffee Roasting Foundations course. We will study coffee from both a creative and scientific point-of-view. This course is designed for experienced coffee roasting professionals.

In our one-day SCA Barista Foundations course, students will learn basic techniques for working at an espresso bar. We will discuss the proper etiquette and foundations for becoming a professional barista. This course is open to anybody interested in coffee and requires no prior experience more…. Learn how to develop your sensory analysis skills at the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Additionally, we will explore common tasting methods using the SCA-certified cupping protocol. This course is designed for coffee enthusiasts who are interested in developing their palette. From seed to storage, we will help students prepare for coffee buying. Additionally, students will learn basic sensory evaluation skills. When combined with our roasting courses and sensory skill class, students can earn a balanced coffee education from the Coffee Roasting Institute!

Using our build a box approach, students have the opportunity to customize their lesson, focusing on the aspects of coffee most important to them. In this course, students will learn skills relevant to their business goals and objectives.You earn points for completing each stage. You choose the modules that fit your interests and needs.

coffee course

From growing the cherries through grading, roasting, and brewing, Introduction to Coffee provides an overview of the entire coffee value chain. SCA Coffee Skills Program Roasting courses provide hands-on experience with the roasting process, roast levels, physical and chemical changes of coffee while roasting, and identifying defects. The module levels cover essential topics like workplace safety, production techniques, and roasting operations at Foundations, Intermediate, and Professional Levels — earning you credits towards your SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

Gain practical experience in the key elements of sensory evaluation in the SCA Sensory Skills classes. Investigate taste and flavor perception, evaluate myriad characteristics of coffee, and develop cupping skills, scoring, and calibration.

A perfect module for working baristas, entrepreneurs, or home enthusiasts. Learn the practical skills you need behind the espresso bar: how to set your grinder, milk techniques, health and safety, customer service, basic business practices, and more. The perfect course for business owners, general managers, and entrepreneurs looking to improve their coffee business and bottom line.

In the SCA Brewing Module gain hands-on skills with the variables that impact quality: Grind profiles, a variety of brewing methods, and the tools to measure and chart coffee extraction. Taught by instructors with experience as coffee importers and traders, and at origin operating farms and working with cooperatives, students in the Green Coffee Module learn the key elements of green coffee contracting, portfolio management, production, processing, grading, shipping, storage, and warehousing.

coffee course

SCA Sustainability provides students with a core understanding of sustainability generally, and more specifically what sustainability to the coffee value chain. Students will develop a common vocabulary and understanding of sustainability, with a focus on economics, the environment, social issues, and the connections between them. Through certification, students gain competencies in coffee processing through a scientific and technical approach with the goal of improved quality, standardized procedures, and reduced.

As students complete the program, they are able to add value through differentiating coffee through processing techniques. Teaches students the cupping skills they need to properly evaluate specialty-coffee quality. This course can be completed either as a stand-alone Q Cupping Essentials certification or as preparation to take the Q Grader certification.

This could range from baristas to coffee executive to home enthusiasts and others. We will offer this course in late Please contact us for more information. One of our experienced and dedicated Q trainers leads this six day intensive course. On the other side, you will emerge as a certified Q grader and cupper. This is the most hands-on and in-depth coffee roasting course in the industry. It is designed for roasters seeking a springboard to the next level.

After building a basic knowledge of the science of coffee roasting, you will explore the myriad of alternatives in the craft of roasting unique coffees. Our seven on-site roasting machines are the perfect tools for roasters to become master roasters.

The course covers business planning, marketing and sales, human resources, product development, positioning and branding, and more. Students will gain advanced insight into the opportunities and pitfalls facing leaders in coffee businesses as well as build their knowledge so they can ask the right questions and understand industry jargon including the C-Market, logistics, quality control and roasting.

Students will have hands-on experience in key roles of coffee business operations.Revisiting the content strengthens the knowledge. This is the biggest advantage of courses online. Watch the videos as many times as you need. Pass the certification exam and receive Boot Coffee Campus certificate. Hang it high! You deserve it. No products in the cart. Sign in Sign up. Search for:. Coffee Pro. Coffee Pro is the most comprehensive online course package in the coffee industry at a fraction of the cost of a conventional course.

Since over 3, coffee roasters, baristas, coffee cuppers and other professionals upped their game with Coffee Pro—isn't it your turn?

All access. Get access to all the existing and future courses on coffeecourses. Be your own boss, learn on your own time and start with courses you find most interesting. Unlimited Views. Got question? Click here for FAQ. Sign up.

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On-demand Courses. Not ready for membership? You can purchase courses you need the most. Not Enrolled. Coffee PRO. Listen to Coffeeis. Get free tips from our students and coffee entrepreneurs who are shaping the coffee industry.Below are some fantastic online coffee courses that will help you to better understand the process of what goes into a good cup of joe.

From these skills, you will be gaining an in-demand skill which can be used throughout the world, or in the comfort of your own home. First on my list is an outstanding Skillshare course that is taught by Michael Phillipsthe World Barista Champion. So if you want to learn from the best, this is the course for you! In total, there are 11 lessons in the course which will cover the following topics: coffee theory; brewing tools; grinding your beans; selecting your ingredients; making your recipe; brewing your coffee; tasting coffee, and enjoying your brew.

One of the standout modules was how to correctly grind your beans for certain brew methods from pour over, french press, cold brew, drip, Aeropress and tons more!

Top 7 Best Online Coffee/ Barista Courses, Classes + Certificates

By the end of this course you will have all the skills you need to brew an amazing cup of coffee by hand. On top of brewing methods, this course also covers latte art in great detail. Some patterns taught are how to make rosetta, a heart, swan, butterfly, and a tulip!

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This is hands down one of the top online barista courses available! Next up on my list is a great course for any coffee enthusiast who wants to become a coffee expert.

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Taught by coffee expert Richard Hardwickstudents will be in capable hands as he walks you through the origins of coffee to a final product. This course kicks off by teaching you about the origins and history of coffee as well as what kind of beans to use. The next section focuses on types of beans, regions, and methods of grinding. The lessons in this section cover the following methods: siphon method; Aeropress method; Chemex method; and the V60 method.

Overall, a great online barista class! Visit Udemy. Moving on is an interesting course that is geared towards students that are interested in starting their own coffee shop business.

So if you already have some coffee experience under your belt and want to open your own cafe, this might be the course for you! In total, this course is 3 hours in length which includes 38 lectures that are all in video format and on-demand. As for the course material, it is divided into the following five sections: how to get the capital you need; industry trade secrets; product development; market analysis; and business operations.

Some notable topics covered in the lessons include: sources of financing and financial planning; facilities and equipment; your initial budget; the product development process; creating and evaluating your prototype; market sizing; location and competitor analysis; and ensuring quality product.

This goal of this Udemy course is to help you create an effective business plan for your coffee shop business. This course really gets into the nitty-gritty.

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This course will teach you how to make photo-worthy latte art! Whether you are a barista or a home enthusiast, latte art never fails to make the person drinking the coffee feel a little extra-special. This Udemy course will start off by teaching you the proper milk steaming technique including achieving the correct milk temperature and milk steaming troubleshooting. You will also be taught how to hold the steaming pitcher yes, there is a right and a wrong way.

After you master milk, there is a lesson that will teach you about the basics of pouring latte art. Then there are a series of tutorials that will teach you how to pour a heart, how to pour a rosetta, how to pour a tulip, how to pour a wave tulip, and how to pour a beautiful swan.

You might not be Van Gogh by the end of the course, but with practice and patience, you can learn to consistently deliver a foamy and frothy work of art! If you are looking to become a master in the kitchen, you can also see my guide on the best online cooking classes!A comprehensive coffee education platform delivering practical information, videos, and exams.

Our mission is to make specialty coffee education easy and efficient for individual baristas and coffee shop owners. Be ready for everything before you ever step behind the bar. Understand everything that goes into a specialty coffee drink. Get recognized for your hard work. Become a tangible part of your coffee shop's success. Prove that you know what you're talking about and are ready to get to work.

Our materials are created in direct response to questions real coffee shop owners and employees ask. We draw from real world experience owning, operating, and consulting for hundreds of coffee shops. We believe in helping businesses deliver better beverage quality unpretentiously. Our curriculum follows a simple path way to take anyone from novice to ready-to-work behind a bar.

We see our tests as a way to measure progress, not to confuse you. They are there for you to internalize the information and come away from your online training with practical knowledge. Our certificate is not just a vanity thing, we want it to mean that a graduate has actually learned something and coffee shop owners can feel confident in that. Latte, Cappuccino? Give me a Bunn and some ground Folgers and I can make a good cup of coffee but espresso?

After learning all the modules through Online Barista Training, I put my new knowledge to work with my new shop and espresso machine. The course paid off! My client base increases daily because we do things right and we know how to tweak the grinder or machine for the perfect shot of espresso and how to apply that shot to an amazing drink.

Customers keep coming back with their friends to let them taste a work of art! Thank you so much Online Barista Training! Our Virtual Coffee platform is designed to make you a coffee geek with just a few hours of your spare time.

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Last name. Password confirmation. Employer Code. New User Codes.But finding a course that gives you what you need is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately for us, the amount and quality of online resources for aspiring baristas has seen a steady increase in the last couple of years. So, we set out to find some of the best barista courses that we could find online.

coffee course

No doubt the best place to get barista training on the internet. Founded by a two-time world champion barista Matt PergerBarista Hustle is comprised of a very small, yet highly capable team that works toward offering high-quality Barista-specific training.

Their site offers either each course individually or a format that allows you to view materials online by subscribing- a monthly subscription that is significantly cheaper than the complete course. Their subscriptions also offer biweekly newsletters which might include valuable educational material.

Check out Barista Hustle, here. The perfect course for new baristas, the Barista One is made up of seven chapters, every one of which will cover a different topic. All lessons are taught by Matt Perger, the CEO himself, who aside from being a world champion is also an accomplished writer.

These include over 40 educational videos and 50 individual lessons to which you will have unlimited, lifetime access upon purchasing the course. Not a bad deal at all! After completion, you will take a test. After you pass this test, a certification will be issued- this certification can be shared online with employers and is also printable. Check out Barista One, here. This course offers to give you a more technical understanding of how to make better coffee- rather than simply giving tips based on empirical evidence, this course major focuses on the science: hard figures and scientifically tested ways to start improving your coffee.

Check out Advanced Coffee Making, here. His expertise has been acknowledged and quoted in papers like The New York Times, Forbes, and others. The premise of Online Barista Training is to train baristas, remotely, on an individual level with a lot of practical lessons that will enable them to do their work effectively and professionally— to put them up to the most professional of industry standards.

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